CEO Greetings

“Management is not managing business, but the service for internal and external customers”

스크린샷 2016-04-12 오후 5.08.28

We will try our best with the philosophy that

Panax Korea co.,Ltd is sincerely manufacturing products with attitude that the quality is its highest priority, with the heart giving presents to families, and with responsibility for customer’s health.

Everyone wants to maintain health and youth and feel happiness through taste.
We think that our duty is to satisfy those needs of customers, and with that spirit in mind,
we research, develop, manufacture products and manage with responsibility for its quality.

We will try to stay closer to our customers with better products and satisfactory prices.
Also, we will become a company that can help our customers with good information for health.

Panax Korea Co., Ltd. is a leading company specializing in various fruit beverage bases, red ginseng products, and health functional foods and has showed year-on-year high growth rate yearly on the strength of both domestic and overseas sales. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has put all its efforts into taking the lead in producing health products by securing the safety of products in the process of ranging from raw materials to shipment through HACCP certification and managing quality more strictly through GMP certification along with the completion of the construction of a new factory in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do in December in 2013. Also, the company established a research institute with the most up-to-date facilities in Hoengseong of clean Gangwon-do and always dedicates itself to research and development of wide range of new products by researchers.

As an innovative SME that obtained various certifications, Panax Korea Co., Ltd. faithfully produces products with an attitude of taking responsibility for customer’s health at all times and is endeavoring to fulfill responsibility for the development of customers, industrial-academic cooperation, investors, related companies, communities, and food industries.

All the executives and staffs at Panax Korea Co., Ltd. will do our best to become a company that helps everyone through incessant research and development in the future in a bid to get one step closer to customers through the development of better products and products to pursue healthy life and performs its social responsibility by offering useful information about health to customers and growing together with customers.